It seems like an outtake from Legally Blonde 2, where the heroine worries about what to wear in our nation’s capital. Trouble is, that it also seems to be true if we look at the history of our congressional body.

Congress seems to be caught in a perpetual Friday night dance. Senators and Representatives choose gowns, tuxes and corsages as though appearance is the very point. They arrive in limo and carriage, step out and onto the dance floor. Two steps forward, now back again.

Any U.S. citizen with reasonable access to fresh air has heard the relentless banter that culminated in a last-minute deal to save America from financial ruin (again). It’s not many of those citizens who have heard of the failure to renew the Violence Against Women Act.

The what? Oh, excuse me. I mean the Sexual Shark Attack! Act.

Hm. No, I don’t suppose even that would be enough to put it on a priority par with the Fiscal Cliff. The Violence Against Women Act has been renewed every year since it’s inception in 1994. Since then, domestic violence has been reduced 60 percent. Sixty. Percent. In a country of over 300 million people.

The act mostly served to support organizations that provide assistance domestic violence victims and their families. This can be in the form of legal aid, training for public servants who deal with these cases, counseling, etc.

Many thought it was a sure bet to pass, like it has for the past 18 years. So, what happened? Well, the Dems just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Seems those forward thinkers wanted to tinker and add some groups to those under protection. The bill that passed the Senate, but failed in the House seeked to add: Gays! Native Americans on Reservations! Illegal immigrant victims of domestic abuse. Silly donkeys. This is 2013, less than a hundred years after the ol’ US of A even admitted that women have the right to vote. Progress is gradual, after all.

So, our congress has failed our nation’s women over the bottom line. The same bottom line that stole headlines for weeks. Not much of a peep has been heard of it, either. Well. Peep. Step up America. Put on that bowtie, and head onto the dance floor for a dance that never steps back. Don’t let 60 percent of domestic violence victims down. Don’t make our country one that hides its dark side. Step up, and change it, until the shadow disappears.