I walk through your thin cobblestone alleys, gaze from the elevated train car at your gutted buildings, interact with your bright residents, and I miss you. I remember these streets, how I felt walking down them in years past with a sense of melancholic nostalgia. These pasts had such wonder and possibility, that although still buzzing here within and around me, seem narrower and more difficult to realize. I wonder if you feel this way, too. Do you enjoy seeing us whip about on trolley cars, love to feel the vibrations as we roll through your underbelly on subway cars? Are you euphorically speechless as the Mummer’s take to the street, a light smile curling up your cheek like a proud parent? Do you lie on your back at night at the end of the runway and marvel at the jets as they take flight over you? Yet, through it all, do you feel a deep sadness, remembering the sound of wooden wheels and horse hooves, the air around Independence Hall as the final pens met parchment? Is your mind content with what you have made from some small night visions? Have we fulfilled your dreams, or do you somehow feel that you have lost your way, and can not find the route back?