It has been a long time since the house that built me has fit the description “empty nest”. It hardly seems that way now, with renovations, new floors, bustling about, but it is. At last, all three of the grown children of this brick edifice are out on their own. The moving around of rooms and beds, a constant game of musical chairs has finally left us with the music stopped . . . and the beds gone. So, for myself, who has not had a bed in this house for about a decade, finding a place to sleep is not as easy as it was then. Then, I would come back to the familiar sheets, wall decorations, stains on the rug. Now, I get to come back to something else entirely, something further back than ten years. We get to build a fort. We gather egg crate foam and sleeping bags, blankets, pillows and pile them high on the family room floor. A big nest for large birds, migrating south. Raise the Jolly Roger.