It’s not what you think. This is my first experiment with writing just one paragraph in the morning. First things. This one is about hair.

If you are thinking bedhead it is not what you think. It is instead, waking up too early on a Saturday because my guy has to go work the farmer’s market. I’m already awake so I may as well go to the co-op and get some breakfast fixins. I put on an enormous lined camouflage hat with ear flaps that extends the scope of my physical presence by a good 3 inches. This is December in Vermont. I pick up my carton of juice, glass quart of milk, impulse $.99 advent calendar, and go to the check out, where I see a familiar head of hair. My friend Dave stands ready to bag groceries and gives me a smile as I shuffle over to the conveyor belt. The mere presence of the six plus inches of hair spreading out and up from his scalp in every direction is joy inducing. To the little, and not so little things that make our days great. Here’s to hair.