I’ve always been encouraged to wait 24 hours before expressing any strong emotion. Think it over. Is it really important? Don’t fly off the handle.

I followed that advice before producing my last post, and have compounded additional time before releasing this part, which I chose to omit to be succinct. Today, I have a little more time. So, let’s talk about the money.

When doing a little light research yesterday I came across the Green Party’s website. I thought it looked a little campy. It has the faces of Jill Stein and Barack Obama against an American flag backdrop, with a green banner concisely comparing the two.

I thought, maybe this is why no one takes 3rd party candidates seriously. Poor web design. So I went on to look at the sites of the Republican and Democratic parties.

The Google link I followed to http://www.barackobama.com would not even let me into the website without first providing my email address and zip code. I manufactured no@no.com to become admitted to a screen solely dedicated to campaign donations. There was a box that looked much like an internet survey. It contained a number of blue boxes with figures on them ranging from $15 to $1000, and then a place for other amount.

How about, e. none of the above. I was looking for campaign information, core beliefs. Political history, motivations. Anything. There was nowhere to go from the blue bubble screen. Dead end at the cash register. Could I at least get some of that political hoopla for my money? “Do you believe in change?! How about you break that piggy bank and give us all of yours?!”

The Mitt Romney website, similarly named http://www.mittromney.com was similar in its point. The top looked much like my long forgotten SATs, with bubbles next to figures ranging from $15 to $5,000. This is interesting, since the federal election commission guidelines allow an individual to give no more than $2,500 to a single candidate. Essentially, the $5,000 bubble is listed, “Follow me to loopholes!”

The Mitt Romney website has to its credit a few other items you can click on for additional information: Learn about Mitt, In your community, News & Media and Shop. This is similar to information you can find at Democrats.org, which is not linked from the Barack Obama site.

Why is it that every time someone mentions campaign finance reform, or points out how the race for president is largely a fiscal duel, they are immediately labeled as some radical left-wing troublemaker.

This election has a first name. It’s . . .

This election has a second name it’s . . . ’cause our elections have a way with b.o.l.o.g.n.a.

If I wasn’t minding my manners I would use some stronger language.

Hey, people. Do we really want to continue to put up with this? If money was not such a limiting factor maybe we would have some better candidates for President, and for every office in this country. Elections based on merit and the issues? I’ll gladly give you a bright future tomorrow for a fair shake today.

Stop letting them buy us, because in the end, it’s the people who are footing the bill.