Last night’s dinner. In order of appearance:

1. Vanilla Milkshake

2. Pint Fries

3. Funnel Cake (Shared)

4. Large Lemonade

5. One ear butter (with corn)

I’d like to say that this is a special case. After all, it’s not every night you spend at the Champlain Valley Exposition. But, aside from the funnel cake, this is fairly par for the course. Maybe even a birdie.

I’ve been farming, mostly organically, for about half a decade, and as the years layer on, it becomes more and more rare to find a vegetable in my refrigerator between the months of May and October. And when I do find them, it’s because they’ve been there since last October.

Between 50+ hour work weeks and trying to maintain a healthy grip on reality, the good life gets tiring. And I intend to tell the tale.

In the past ten years since I graduated from the University of Massachusetts, I have experienced a life my 17-year-old self would have herself tucked in a corner, wide-eyed, reading as fast as she can to get to the next page . . . if it were a book. So, this is for her.

I’ll mostly write about what’s happening now, about food and agriculture and the secrets behind the green wave that is cresting over us. But, I’m nothing if not prone to fits of whimsy and nostalgia, so if you don’t want to know my secrets, turn back now. When you start telling the truth, anything can come true. Even dreams.

So it begins.